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Dwarves are heavy.

this is perfection 

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i'm 100% done with the both of you

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I am in love with a boy
who ripped me apart
to keep himself warm.

We open ourselves like thick oak doorways,
draw out the welcome mats
with years of dust and dirt ingrained.
My eyes are windows,
he pulls the shades shut.
Everyone carries around something
ancient baggage
but my hands are cracked and swollen
from the weight.

Silly women
are always working so hard
at lessening themselves.
Silly men
are always working so hard
at owning them.

But I was not unlocked.
My name was never ‘Home’.

Michelle K., He Named Me ‘Home’. (via michellekpoems)

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“To fans, I don’t want them to see me as an absolute existence, don’t want them to have their entire life revolving around me, spending money on me or doing things for me. If it’s too extreme, even if it’s not to support me, I hope you all can treasure your own lives. From there, you can sometimes look at my activities, treat my existence as vitamins, if you can do this for me, I will really be very happy.”
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