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My throat will always
from engulfed flames
I spit fire
I spit acid
my words aim to kill.

There will always be scars.
Some things
should not
be removed.
Some things
remind us
why we have survived,
why we keep

My fingers will always
but I am not a weak girl.
My stomach will always churn

but I am not a weak girl.

Michelle K., Weakness. (via michellekpoems)

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Do not write poems
about my lips.
Two soft slivers of peaches
created for you
and you alone
to kiss.
Omit the fact that they are
and spit bullets.

Do not write poems
about my hips.
Thick flesh
devours you.
They break for sons,
bend for daughters,
I hold a universe of my own
between them.

Do not write poems
about my hands.
Do not tell fools
they were molded
to fit into yours.
You will bend your fingers
to interlace with my
unmoving mountains.

Do not write poems
about me,
do not inspire myths
to defend my honor
or inspire my femininity.

I am more
than your simple

Michelle K., Do Not Write Poems… (via michellekpoems)

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40/ “Let’s live while doing things we like.”

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